Correct and Efficient Policy Monitoring, a Retrospective

David Basin, Srđan Krstić, Joshua Schneider, Dmitriy Traytel


The MonPoly project started over a decade ago to build effective tools for monitoring trace properties, including functional correctness, security, and compliance policies. The original MonPoly tool supported monitoring specifications given in metric first-order temporal logic, an expressive specification language. It handled both the online case, where system events are monitored as they occur, and the offline case, monitoring logs. Our tool has evolved over time into a family of tools and supporting infrastructure to make monitoring both scalable and suitable for high assurance applications. We survey this evolution which includes: (1) developing more expressive monitors, e.g., adding aggregation operators, regular expressions, and limited forms of recursion; (2) delimiting efficiently monitorable fragments and designing new monitoring algorithms for them; (3) supporting parallel and distributed monitoring; (4) using theorem proving to verify monitoring algorithms and explore extensions; and (5) carrying out ambitious case studies.

Paper draft