- Practical Oriented TeAching Tool, Operating (and) Educating System -

POTATOES is a small computer operating system for x86 instruction set architectures written in ANSI C and assembly language.

Pursuing "keep it simple" as the basic rule during development, POTATOES aims to be used for educational purposes. However, it implements a broad range of operating system concepts and features, e.g. multitasking, paging, an extensive I/O subsystem as well as a custom file system.

For those of you who are interested in operating system design, POTATOES offers well documented and understandable source code ready to jump start your personal experiments. Since POTATOES is published under the GPL licence, everyone is highly welcome to improve or extend the system and to be part of our development community!

So, how do you start? Do not squander time and go have a look at our features list, skim through the documentation and, of course, download POTATOES and have some fun with our easter eggs ;-)...

Here you go!