Admissible Types-to-PERs Relativization in Higher-Order Logic

Andrei Popescu, Dmitriy Traytel


Relativizing statements in Higher-Order Logic (HOL) from types to sets is useful for improving productivity when working with HOL-based interactive theorem provers such as HOL4, HOL Light and Isabelle/HOL. This paper provides the first comprehensive definition and study of types-to-sets relativization in HOL, done in the more general form of types-to-PERs (partial equivalence relations). We prove that, for a large practical fragment of HOL which includes container types such as datatypes and codatatypes, types-to-PERs relativization is admissible, in that the provability of the original, type-based statement implies the provability of its relativized, PER-based counterpart. Our results also imply the admissibility of a previously proposed axiomatic extension of HOL with local type definitions. We have implemented types-to-PERs relativization as an Isabelle tool that performs relativization of HOL theorems on demand.

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